Apparently, the judiciary in Spain could plead not guilty, before an international court, of mistreating Catalan people since they were “only following orders”. Orders probably given by M. Rajoy, whoever he might be. I say that as it took the judge in charge of a corruption case more than four years to work out that the prime minister and that person were one and the same. What a genius! 

Apparently, it is easier for a Spanish judge to foresee future criminal offenses that will supposedly be committed by an innocent Catalan activist than to acknowledge those perpetrated by a Royal Family member despite his having already been sentenced to more than six years of prison for tax fraud charges. That is why an innocent man is remanded in custody while a guilty one is enjoying the life of a free man.

Apparently, a man is innocent until proven guilty, except for Jordi Sànchez and the rest of the political prisoners involved in the Catalan conflict. They are feared by ‘the Spanish Inquisition’ because they are not afraid of the Spanish Inquisition’… 

Apparently, Spain is run by a gang of fascists that don’t give a shit (excuse my French) about the principles of democracy, such as the right to participate in a political campaign or the presumption of innocence, to name just a few. 

Apparently, Europe is run by a pitiful group of men and women incapable and afraid of admitting that abuses have been committed against the Catalan people and of showing any interest at all in responding to them. 

No one can deny that silence here is a painful weapon.

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